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You love to organize?!

Yes, yes I do!! I remember growing up, you know when there were no electronics besides a tv and would ask my mom if I could organize under the cabinets, the linen closet or my favorite... the junk drawer! I would pull everything out, sort into categories and put back perfectly organized. I shared a room with my twin sister growing up and let's just say she doesn't like to organize as much as I do so one side of our room/closet was always neat and the other side a tad messy, haha.

When my clients have me come for a consultation, they always say "please do not judge". I have never judged any of my clients. When I see your stress or chaos it makes me EXCITED. A friend of mine made a good point, she said "it is easy for you to go into a home to help because you are not attached to any of the belongings. You haven't walked past the same closet that is a catch all and instantly feel the anxiety before opening it." She is right. I do not feel anxiety nor am I attached to the items but I respect that my client is and I take the time with my client to go through things and give advice on what to keep, donate or throw away.

I am here to help others and I absolutely love what I am doing!

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