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Organized Mornings

Updated: Apr 13, 2023

I worked in offices for years before becoming a small business owner. I had to get myself ready, kids ready and I would make sure my husband had breakfast.....he's so lucky :)

So how can you make the morning smooth sailing?

  1. Have outfits picked out the night before including socks- put them in the shoes that will be used

  2. Pack lunches night before- I know this is hard but if you have ever done it you know it helps tremendously!!

  3. Kids younger? Have a check list for them that includes making the bed, brush teeth, eat breakfast, pack bag. Make it a game to see who can finish their list first.

  4. Get yourself ready before everyone else. I am a morning person and I know plenty of people that aren't so if waking up 30min earlier to get yourself ready won't work for you make sure you have 1-3 done!

  5. Remember everything is temporary. The morning chaos is just an hour of your whole day. Don't make it miserable. Enjoy the time with your time and focus on what you are grateful for!

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