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How Many is Too Many?


I was helping my daughter organize her room the other day, it doesn't seem she has inherited the trait from me yet....

She was feeling overwhelmed, and it was a great learning experience for me. I was getting a personal experience with a loved one on how my clients feel when I am in their home. We couldn't fit all clothes into her dresser. I suggested we go through the clothes to see what she wants to keep or donate. HOW DARE I ask this question to a 15 year old! She NEEDS all the clothes. I explained to her she is overwhelmed because she has too much stuff. It would be easier to keep clean and organized if she had less stuff.

We compromised - because at this age she clearly knows way more than I do :)

we sorted what her "go to" clothes were that would go in the dresser and put away the "B list" clothes. I told her in a month we can take out the "B list" clothes and swap out items if we need to. The "B list" clothes are in a bin under her bed. (You can get a great one on amazon that is rectangular with wheels and slides under the bed).

One change can make a huge impact!

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