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"Happy Holidays, Happy Holidays..."

Updated: Dec 21, 2021

My mom's favorite Christmas song is Happy Holidays. In the month of December you would find my mom singing these two words when we would be whiny or not listening. It was like a reminder that this is supposed to be a HAPPY time. A time for giving and not receiving, even though as a kid that was hard to swallow.

I realize now as an adult how stressful the Holidays can be. The pressure to find the right gift. The uneasy feeling of spending the money on toys that your kids won't bat an eye at after ripping the paper. However, I do LOVE the Holidays. I love the cozy feeling of the Christmas lights in the house. I love the smiles on my kids' faces when they see the present from Santa and their stocking full of their favorite candy and Chapstick (a tradition passed down from my parents). I love to get dressed up and eat on fancy china plates and cheers to being together.

So, if you feel overwhelmed or stressed this holiday season, focus on one thing at a time (what I tell my clients when organizing) .

It's the memories we make, not the things we buy.

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