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Free Consultations for an Organized Clean Home

Meet Marcy

An Expert in Decluttering

I'm the owner of High Tide Organizing. Ever since I was younger I enjoyed organizing and cleaning around my childhood abode that housed the six of us! This positive habit of mine continued into my adult life as well. I realized I could only work if my desk area was nice and tidy. I also became aware of the fact that some people just don't have that daily impulse! Who knew!?

If your surroundings have been causing you stress or anxiety, then I am here to help. I offer FREE consultations. If you lack the passion to stay organized, then don't worry... I got you covered! With my expertise, devotion, and guidance I can turn your environment back into it's intended sanctuary.

Organized but don't like to clean? We have you covered as well! High Tide Organizing is also your cleaning lady. Scroll to the bottom and send your info over and we will be in touch!


What I Specialize In

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The Journey Towards Simplicity & Empowerment Begins on the Path of Organization.

Begin Your Journey Today.

Thank you for taking the stress off my wife and thank you for making my home feel like a home,


I was nervous to have High Tide Organizing come see what my house looked like. I knew I needed help but I was embarrassed of the clutter. Marcy did not judge me. Instead she created a plan and we went through each closet to see what I needed to keep or donate. I feel lighter. She is truly amazing to work with!


Marcy has helped me organize my entire townhome. She truly is a blessing. I highly recommend her. 


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